How to find best time for fishing?

1. Use a solunar calendar

A Solunar calendar, also known as fishing calendar or fishing almanac, is a great way to determiden the best fishing times and days. The calendar is based on a solunar theory, which is a hypothesis that fish and other animals move according to the location of the moon and sun. The theory has been used by hunters and fishermen for the ages.

2. The weather

Though the solunar table tells you when the fish are most likely active they are still animals and are deeply impacted by a current weather. Many fish increase their feeding in the hours before a cold front hits, and slow in its aftermath. That means a barometer is a very good friend for a fisherman. Fish feel much more comfortable and are active when there's a high pressure. When the cold front is coming the fish can sense that the barometer is about to drop.

3. Sunrise and sunset

Once again first check your fishing almanac. If active time of fish are overlapped with sunrise or sunset, it gives some extra boost.

4. Know the fish you are trying to catch

Fish’s behavior changes when they’re spawning. Knowing when your target fish spawns and how it changes their behavior can help you adapt your techniques to catch more fish.

5. When it's good time for you

Just rememver it's always good time to fish even if the fish aren’t biting. So the best time to fish might be when it suits best for your schedule.